Travel Tip #24- What to Bring on Every Trip

It was January. I was in Sulawesi, Indonesia, on the Equator, sweating up a storm, when I got the call that the Chinese authorities would finally meet with me about a permit I was seeking to run the Yangtze. But the meeting was scheduled for the next day, and it was snowing in Beijing. I didn’t have time to shop, so I landed in my shorts and shivered all the way to the government offices. They must have taken pity on me, because they gave me the permit, though at a cost of $200,000, plus accommodations and transport.

What I learned:

  • Be prepared for all types of weather. Remember global climate change.
  • Always have a long pair of pants, and business wear, in case of an unexpected meeting.
  • Always have layers. Bring a raincoat, and a light overcoat, wherever you go.
  • Bring an extra month’s supply of any critical medicine, just in case, and more cash than you expect to use.

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