Puerto Rico’s East Region: Porta Antillas

There are so many wonderful characteristics to the East of Puerto Rico, but one is certainly its friendliness to families. Families here find a freshness and candor in their clan. They strengthen bonds, like the ever-thickening vines of El Yunque. They welcome novelty, and sate curiosities. They find a fluency of fun; a symphony of kindred souls, good temper and open hearts. Here families are like unrhymed poetry, stanzas of sand, sun, sea and rainforest. You can’t undo the rainbow here, but you can slide it down into a fragment of paradise.

Puerto Rico is a kid’s paradise. The weather is perfect; it’s safe; it’s healthy, and there are so many wonderful things for kids and families to do. We check-out the 2.4-acre Coqui Water Park, a font of wading pools, slides and water rides, a jungle-type rope bridge, and a lazy river. At the spectacular beaches kids can swim, body surf, snorkel, and play to heart’s content. There are hikes in all sorts of terrain, and many resorts that cater to families.

The Island’s Family Friendly Side

How does it happen that the whole family comes together? How does it happen that tropical birds sing, that clear water flows, that the orchids unfold, that the dawn whitens behind the virgin forest on the quivering summit of El Yunque? A trip to the East of Puerto Rico, and all is said and done.

For families, this is the most amazing place, for the leaping greenly spirits of the rainforest, and for the blue dream of sky, and for everything that is natural, that is infinite, that is yes.

Parents can never have enough of the freedom children are gifted here. Mothers and fathers are refreshed by the sight of inexhaustible vigor; the safety and welfare in the wild as well as the resort; the sea-coast with its adventures, the wilderness with its vines and flowers, even the rain, which plays like a band. There is always music amongst the trees here.

The East emanates a subtle, precious light, day and night, demonstrating the unsurpassed truth that this is a playground for children of all ages. This is a place that enables happiness…and a happy family is but an earlier heaven.

The East is the acreage of a rainbow, the portal to grasping the mystery that breathes behind things. It is the wondrous garden with trails that wind like helixes, with broad beaches and vibrant birds, with bioluminescence and the self-propelled flowers called butterflies. There are so many ways to share this bounty of the treasured island, from kayaking to paddle boarding, horseback riding to golf, tennis, fishing and swimming, from sumptuous meals, to the laughter-filled water parks.

Here families are unrhymed poetry, stanzas of sand, sun and sea. Here they find a freshness and candor in their clan. They strengthen bonds, like the ever-thickening vines in the rain forests.

Why does a child on a water slide wave at his parents every time he splashes down – and why do his parents always wave back? It all becomes evident here, in the East of Puerto Rico.

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