Puerto Rico’s North Region: Porta Atlantico

There is an elegance of sufficiency and style in the activities here in the North. From riding the equestrian trials to golfing the world-class fairways; the sophisticated dining, to the thrills of spelunking. There is a harmony of the land and sea here, the karst that looks sculptured; the links that are, and the cliffs that need no adornment. Here you can take your sports gently, never hurrying or worrying a muscle, but moving with grace, finesse and beauty. Simple and grand; timeless and radiant—this is the North of Puerto Rico.

The Island’s Elegantly Active Side

The North of Puerto Rico is like the monkey who locked up the zookeeper. It has put away the constrained thinking that keeps others stuck in unproductive routines, and allowed its wildness to escape the margins.

Because it’s faithful to our childlike imaginations of wilderness, our youthful notions of life authentic and unadulterated, the North remains a true, original adventure. Here we can remember what makes life rip-roaring and breathtaking. We can test our mettle, hear our hearts race, and even encounter a bit of danger. This is a world painted in bold, unrepentant strokes: where parrots and kingfishers swoop over waterfalls, and the rushing water of a life well-lived can splash you in the face.

Let’s look at some of the elements that make up The North:

  • Style. Style is the perfection of a point of view, and what views there are here, cliffs that cast off to infinity; mountains that scratch the sky. Golf courses so green and perfect they seem expressions of imagination. Everywhere there is color, there is fashion, there is coherence, there is style. If James Bond vacationed, he would come here.
  • Adventure. Every turn here reveals a story. Every step a discovery. Here you can ride a horse on trails to lordly views; you can dance in public; you can spelunk through some of the world’s largest cave networks,and float on underground rivers; you can be a bird on a wire, and zipline over ravines and streams. Leave the ordinary behind; the adventure of life begins here.
  • Play. You can sift the fine sand in your fingers and toes; you can hike the lush forests and parks; you can skip rocks in the shimmering lakes; you can swim, dive, sail and dine. Play till the sun comes down, and then play some more.
  • Luxury. No need to set an alarm here; you can sleep in. You can indulge in fine cottons and linen; you can spoil yourself with spas and baths; you can treat yourself to the finest wines and cuisine. Pamper yourself with exquisite, attentive, personalized service. You can relax, refresh and revive, and undertake the noble art of leaving things undone. Beauty, spirit, freedom, comfort and poise…these are hallmarks of the North of Puerto Rico.

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