Collision! Survival in the Face of Guns, Gold and God: Papua New Guinea

We thought we should share a glimpse of our new series, Collision, in partnership with our friend Peter Guber, the producer who helped save a species with the film Gorillas in the Mist. When Western culture crashes into a separate people long-isolated, such as in the highlands of New Guinea, traditions and customs bleed away. Can an ancient undefiled culture be saved? We explore in this bleeding-edge series, which we shot simultaneously in Virtual Reality with the pioneering shop NextVR. Watch this space.


  1. Amazing snapshot of immediate issue and the essence of what collision means. Thank you for doing this and sharing the message and the humanity and inhumanity.

  2. Maria Baltazzi says:

    Fantastic Richard. Our mutual friend, Stephen Marks, told me this was in the works. Congratulations.

  3. Michael Kresko says:

    This looks super interesting! Great shots and interviews. If this is the movie trailer, however, I would make it more concise, shorten it and tone it down (less sensationalized (sp)). Good luck!