Why I Love Seattle: A Mini-Doc on the City of the Century

From a burgeoning city to a mecca for creativity and innovation, Seattle has truly grown up over the past few decades. In this video, local artists, entrepreneurs, and restaurant owners share the reasons they love Seattle.

The Blossoming of the City of Flowers

Seattle is known as the ‘City of Flowers,’ and perhaps that is fitting, as the city has truly blossomed from its humble beginnings. What makes Seattleā€™s leap so unique is that it sprouts from a foundation rooted in the land and the long-held values of its people. Unlike other cities, Seattle seeks diversity and experiences that respect its past, and seed its future. Its evolution is singular, and maps to organic maturation timelines, like a century plant, or a Himalayan lily, or desert sage after a rain. Nothing seems to happen for a long while, and then, all of a sudden, when the timing and conditions are just right: a growth spurt, a brilliant bloom, and a metamorphosis – all enabled by the same DNA.

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