Travel Quote Video #2: “Travel Infuses Vigor and Elasticity….”

“Travel infuses vigor and elasticity into every nerve and muscle; it unwearies the eye; it cools the skin; and the whole frame tingles with anticipation of the adventures of the day.”

Do you agree?

This is the second of our travel quote series, in partnership with Adidas Outdoor.



  1. Joanna Caputo says:

    Oh yes, I agree with you totally! Ones entire outlook changes when they get the opportunity to see other cultures/foods. Mr. Bangs, I enjoy your presentations of various cities on public broadcasting. You are such a natural in describing things and you have a very calming voice. I hope to see more of these shows. I have travelled and lived in various parts of the World. Now I am back in the USA. I wish I could afford to live in Europe. Perhaps you need an assistant for your travels? I would gladly join you 🙂 Best regards, Joanna