Over the years Richard Bangs has worked with a number of creative individuals to produce many of his television programming, web projects, books and other media products. Below are a few of those who have been key players; feel free to contact them directly for further information.

Laura HuberTravel and Media Consulting:  Laura Hubber brings a deep and wide slate of experience and expertise to challenges in travel, media, marketing and technology to provide elegant, cost-effective solutions for enterprises, organizations, countries, and individuals.  She is a Harvard-trained media expert, and long-time producer and reporter for the BBC World service. She was a Foreign Correspondent in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the San Francisco Chronicle and European newspapers. Check out for more info.

Website Content and Rescue: Co-author on several of Richard Bangs’ titles, and producer of many of his key web projects, Christian Kallen brings creative curiosity to his many endeavors. He is adept at website architecture and usability, “rescuing” several sites from inefficiency and producing higher sales and interactive results. His online home ( is a portal to many adventure destinations and projects.

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