When I’m on the river, my boat damn better float. What I’m saying is that the right piece of equipment can make a huge difference in the field. I’m not a gear-head, but I work with lots of talented people who are. This is what they tell me.

I can speak for myself here. When I started in this game I lived on a river in a pair of ratty jean shorts and a t-shirt riddle with holes. Since then I’ve had to step it up. Right now I’m a big fan of the Adidas Outdoor line and Travelsmith. Why? As for Travelsmith they simply make high functioning, casual clothes designed for the traveler. For a 3-week trip I start packing two hours before my flight; for a weekend trip I pack 15 minutes before leaving for the airport. I’m not an organized packer. Everything goes into my bag in one big pile (packing cubes? what?). My Travelsmith sport coat amazingly arrives wrinkle-free.

I spend a lot of time outdoors in harsher than normal environments. I need outwear that will keep me warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet, cool when it’s 120 degrees in the Libyan desert, and quick drying after a certain bodily functions take over when one is charged by a Rhino in Northern India. Adidas Outdoor handles these situations and more. Also my wardrobe consultant says the European cut of the Adidas Outdoor line makes me look slimmer on camera. Yes, wardrobe consultant… anyone that has spent any time with me over knows I need one!

Production Equipment
Our Head of Production, Didrik Johnck, sets the pace here:

Our gear selection for any given shoot is constantly changing based on a variety of factors from budget, to location, to look, and audience. We do find ourselves coming back again and again to the following:  Canon professional cameras (EOS C100/300/500, FX300/305), and HDSLRs (5D MKIII) and GoPro’s (Hero4). All the media is recorded to Lexar cards; I wouldn’t trust any other brand. During production of Quest for Wonder our DP (Karel Bauer) took an unexpected salt water bath in the Pacific off the coast of  the Galapagos Islands; camera in hand. Full submersion.  The lexar_lg_rgbcamera died, but all the data on the Lexar proseries compact flash cards remained intact.

Audio is recorded primarily using Sennheiser shotgun mics (ME66) or Lectrosonic (400/401) lavs.