Growing Up with Polar Bears


There was once a little house on the tundra and here two sisters were raised, with the wild things in their backyard. A Unique Childhood Instead of puppies they had polar bears and instead of TV or video games, they swam with the belugas, watched the northern lights, and chased the arctic hares. While most […]

Little House on the Tundra


m4s0n501 At first there was nothing but a vast stretch of land and an abandoned whale research center. Flying over the Hudson Bay and scouting for the perfect piece of tundra, co-founder Mike Reimer had a vision of intimacy with the surrounding wilderness and a quest for daily adventure. Arctic Inspiration Inspired by curious, wild […]

Singing with Belugas


Belugas are some of the most curious animals in the world. Their playfulness and interest in humans makes them fascinating to interact with underwater. Refined Musical Taste They say belugas are attracted to certain types of music. They’ve been known to bob heads to everything from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Can you guess this […]

Churchill Wild Story


Churchill Wild designed a way to walk eye-level with polar bears, and the outfit remains the only in the world that offers this experience. The Idea that Launched a Company Churchill Wild: It’s not so much a company as an idea, an outrageously good idea. Churchill Wild pioneered a way to swim in arctic waters […]

Where in the World are You? Quest # 104

This place has some big animals. Where is it? Try your hand at this video geography quiz and take a guess! You’re in a place that hosts largest land carnivore on the planet. You’re in a place so remote you can’t drive here. The nearest road is 300 kilometers away and the nearest Starbucks is […]

Where in the World are You? Quest #78


A countdown of clues and hints about aspects of a place that will give viewers a fun geo-quiz on where they are, and showcase why they should be there. So where in the world are you? Click the belugas to find out. Embed This Article on Your Site

Seal River Lodge Experience


There is no experience quite like this and few places where one can be close to a polar bear on the ground, eye-level, with no fences in between. The Seal River Lodge is one such abode. The Experience To stand here on the vantage ground before the beast, it stirs the blood in the heart […]

Etosha National Park


Etosha is an enormous park enclosed with a fence that extends from the conservation policies of the past to an uncertain future. No one knows just exactly how much wildlife is in Etosha, but its more than enough to keep the eyes busy. McKiernan Said It Best In 1876, American trader G. McKiernan visited Etosha […]

Great Desert Waterfalls of Africa


A day of waterfall hopping from the unbeatable view of a BushCat: First, we visit Augrabies Falls, a waterfall on the Orange River and among the most breathtaking sights in all of Africa. Then we travel by BushCat to the smaller, but equally stunning, Epupa Falls. Click the video to join us on this journey. […]

The Grand Canyon of Africa


Peering out the window of a BushCat, out of nowhere, there is suddenly a gash in the skin of the continent. It’s the Fish River Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Africa. Fish River Canyon In the midst of geological time, a seabed was lifted miles above the level of the ocean and weathered into ranges […]