Stories from a Lifetime of Travel: Morocco

  Stories from a Lifetime of Travel is a series that contains excerpts from a book which documents the lifetime travel of my friend and fellow wanderer, Al Hirshen. Each story offers a glimpse into Al’s experience living, working, and traveling in different destinations during varying time periods, from the 1960s until present day. This series revolves around a sense […]

Richard’s Picks: Best Hotels in the World, Fall 2016

The wisdom of the crowd is a beautiful thing, except when it’s not. When it comes to matters of taste, the pack tends to push quality assessments to a lower common denominator. That can be good when the bar is a best-surprise-is-no-surprise epistemology, but if you seek quality of a different metric…say, personality, artistic rendition, […]

Above and Beyond Alaska: Arctic Adventure Travel

A short film by Connor Callaghan about extreme adventuring through Alaska. Experience ice climbing, glacier treks, cave spelunking, arctic kayaking, beer and whale watching with ABAK wilderness trips and a small group of dedicated adventurers. Fill Each Day with Adventure Here’s a list of some day trips the group took and some information from ABAK […]

How to Visit Saudi Arabia

I recently returned from a 9-day trip through Saudi Arabia’s Empty Quarter. Learn how you too can go on take once-in-a-lifetime trip and discover a beautiful place so rarely visited by tourists. (This article originally appeared on Travel + Leisure.) The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosts millions of visitors each year, as the religious faithful […]

Al Hirshen Comes of Age in The Catskills

As a young boy I would run home from school every day to turn on the TV and drink in whatever show or movie was playing. It turned out all my favorite performers were veterans of the Catskills, Borscht Belt comedians, mostly Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews, who cut their teeth in the Catskills at resorts […]

Adventure Matters: Sometimes You Have to Eat It to Save It!

It is fady to kill a lemur. The punishment is ill health, and five years in jail. Madagascar, the planet’s fourth-largest island, floats 250 miles off the east coast of Mozambique in the southwest Indian Ocean. The Afro-Indonesian people govern their lives with a series of social taboos, or fadies. And a long-time fady, rooted […]

Adventure with Purpose Spotlight: Libby Sauter

Libby Sauter is an inspirational athlete that splits her time between two great adventures.  She’s a pediatric nurse that works for Novick Cardiac Alliance, a non-profit that aids developing countries in setting up or expanding their existing heart surgery programs. Sauter works in the ICU performing surgeries and teaching local staff.  She’s also a professional […]

Climbing Mount Elgon, Uganda: 8-day tour

Dates of Travel: November 2016 SUMMARY Hike to the summit of the most beautiful mountain in Africa you’ve never heard of! Another first for Mountain Travel Sobek: Mt Elgon in Uganda. Many who know say this is the most stunning volcano climb in the continent. Join me this November 5th on a trip to trek […]

Travel Tanzania: On Safari in Selous

(This post appeared originally on MTSobek on May 16, 2016.) by Heather Howard As I bumped along giddily at the back of the jeep, whizzing through the largest faunal reserve in the world, I realized that a bucket-list dream had been fulfilled. I’d made it to Selous. The smell of warm earth and animal hair mixed […]

Explore the Pacific’s Remotest Islands by Private Air Charter

Hidden Pacific II: A private charter exploration of the Pacific’s remotest countries Designed and led by Wheeler Expeditions All of us dream of being here on an idyllic South Pacific island paradise. Some of us, however, want to experience more. We want to go to the remotest, least-known island nations in the Pacific – to meet who […]