The Wild Atlantic Way: Ireland’s Ultimate Road Trip

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The Wild Atlantic Way is a 1600- mile route along the western coast of Ireland, winding from Kinsale in County Cork in the south to Malin Head in Donegal in the far north, seamed with lighthouses, abbeys, cairns, stone circles and golf courses along the way. For more tips on traveling Ireland, click here.

The Most Luxurious Castle in the World

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There are so many castles and so many luxury accommodations around the globe, but there is only one Ashford Castle – the most luxurious castle in the world. Ashford Castle With a history as old as 1228, Ashford Castle is an enchanted hotel of dreams. The castle, situated on 350 acres along the shores of […]

Inside the Irish Pub

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In this video, we check out one of the greatest establishments in Ireland – the Irish pub. What makes these pubs so welcoming and popular among locals, tourists, first-timers, and seasoned regulars? Watch the video to find out: The Irish Pub Tradition The Irish Pub is where truth can never get in the way of […]

“When You Are Old”- Irish Locals Read W.B. Yeats

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Irish locals read the poem “When You Are Old” by W.B. Yeats. The Poem “When You Are Old,” by W. B. Yeats “Where you are old and grey and full of sleep, And nodding by the fire, take down this book, And slowly read, and dream of the soft look Your eyes had once, and of […]

Illinois Improbable: A Story of Upending Expectations

Jasper Bangs for Illinois. Photo by Laura Hubber.

When I was a high-school student in Bethesda, Maryland, and beginning to think about college, my parents sat me down and set a parameter: they would only allow a school within 1000 miles of our home, with the idea that I would be more likely to visit over holidays if within that range. My elder […]

Illinois: “It’s Just a Great State!”

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An Interview with Cory Jobe, the Illinois Director of Tourism, who lists the many attractions and attributes that make Illinois a great state. From wineries and museums, to craft breweries, ghost tours, and scenic landscapes, Illinois’ diversity offers endless opportunities for fun and excitement.

Where in the World Are You Quest #82

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In this video, we give hints about an undisclosed location in this geo-quiz. Can you guess it? Where in the World Are You? You’re in a place with a wine trail named after the Shawnee Indians, a tribe who settled here in the 19th century. As my son says, you’re in the most “hauntedess” place […]

The Best Small Town Main Street in America: Galena, Illinois

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The best small town Main Street in America can be found in Illinois. The former rip-roaring lead-mining town of Galena once produced almost 85% of the nation’s lead, and was the busiest Mississippi River port between St. Louis and St. Paul, a bustle bigger than Chicago. Now, it charm lies in the preservation of its […]

Starved Rock State Park in Utica

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Starved Rock is a special state park in Utica, Illinois with towering trees, canyons and waterfalls that beckon adventure. Hiking through History in Illinois Starved Rock is a huge stony hand that lords over the landscape above the Illinois River. According to legend, in the 1760′s the Potawatomi and the Ottawa surrounded a band of […]

The Best Theme Park in the World

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The best theme park in the world is in Lake County, Illinois, a fun-filled, family-friendly destination. A Place To Be A Superhero Six Flags Great America has been called the Best Theme Park in the World. It has the tallest, steepest, fastest wooden roller coaster in the universe (The Goliath), and is the self-proclaimed “cleanest theme […]