The Hardest Place in the World to Visit

The covering has the disconcerting effect of obnubilating as well as illuminating the woman behind it. Local tourists overlooking Al Ragasat Canyon. #SaudiArabia A photo posted by Richard Bangs (@richardjbangs) on Mar 21, 2016 at 12:21pm PDT Shrouded in black niqab and ankle-length abaya, she floats towards me. Behind, her friends are firing salvos of […]

Far and Away, Flat Out, The West’s Best Road Trip!

It feels like we’re driving to the edge of the world where the water falls off. Infinity is just ahead. To the right are mountains that arc up from the basement of time. On the left, a dry lakebed now glassed with salt. This is the driest state in the country, not so surprising, but […]

Day 5 Nevada: Kingston to Reno

On the final day of our road trip, we head to Austin, a town with a population of 300, near the geographical center of Nevada. Trip Highlights Stokes Castle Shoe Tree Frey Ranch Distillery Middlegate Station We rest up at Miles End B&B, a fetching wilderness retreat with a stone lodge and a wood-burning barrel […]

Day 4 Nevada: Ely to Kingston

With the morning still crisp on Day 4, we head down Route 50 to Eureka, another town defined in ways by what is not there. The town boasts itself as “the loneliest town on the loneliest road in America.” Trip Highlights Eureka Owl Club Casino and Restaurant Zach’s Lucky Spur Saloon Later along the road, […]

Day 3 Nevada: Great Basin National Park to Ely

On Day 3, we head up towards Great Basin National Park, the only national park in Nevada. Trip Highlights Great Basin National Park (Lehman Caves & Wheeler Peak) Ward Charcoal Ovens State Park McGill Drugstore Museum Great Basin National Park has a reputation for its intricate caves and delightfully uncrowded hikes. Further along the journey, […]

Day 2 Nevada: Pioche to Baker

Nevada is definitely the place to get lost. On Day 2, we leave the major highway and take a road less traveled, making our way north up the backbone of eastern Nevada. Trip Highlights Pioche, once the baddest town in the West Overland Hotel and Saloon Boot Hill Cemetery Spring Valley State Park Nevada’s remote, original, and […]

Day 1 Nevada: Las Vegas to Caliente

Come along for the ride on our 5-day road trip across Nevada. We start in Las Vegas and head away from the neon lights down backroads and into unfamiliar places. Trip Highlights Valley of Fire State Park ET Highway Caliente Cathedral Gorge State Park Old train rides in Boulder City Starting in Las Vegas, we wheel […]

Nevada: Stories from the Road Teaser

They say there are no shortcuts to any place worth going. I’m about to head out on a storied road, an adventure-filled and romantic road that winds the long way through the backside of Nevada, from Las Vegas to Reno. Yes you could fly this connection in minutes. You could drive the freeway in a […]

Where in the World Are You? Quest #35

Where are you? You’re in a land of 10,000 tales. A state of mind. The most mountainous state with over 300 ranges, and the driest state. You’re in a place that celebrates no fences and makes no judgments. What an otherworldly place! A lot of trekkies make a pilgrimage here because this is the place […]

Brian Monnin & The Galapagos Kids

Some years ago I put together a book, Paths Less Traveled, for which I dispatched well-known authors to adventure destinations and asked them to write of their experience. Tom Robbins reported from Tanzania; Bobbie Ann Mason from New Zealand; Edward Hoagland from Yemen; Roy Blount, Jr. from the Amazon, and on. For the Galapagos I […]