Where in the World are You? Quest #89


In this video, we give hints about an undisclosed location in this geo-quiz. Can you guess it? Where in the World are You It is a magical and spiritual place Down Under; a place with more wild camels than any other. You can take a hot air balloon, or ride a Harley. You can hike […]

Scooting Around Bermuda


How do you get to Bermuda? Once you’re there, how do you get from one end of the island to the other? Watch this short video to find out the best way–scooting around Bermuda! Come, take a ride with us. Slow is the Way to Go Just 2 hours from the east coast of the […]

Luxury Hotels Bermuda – The Gold List


Bermuda has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and this video showcases a few that we visited, all of them Gold List caliber. Rest Your Head Here Here is the symphony of elegance and refinement. The epitome of warmth and welcome. Along with my friend Lisa Niver, I had the pleasure of […]

Shop Like a Local in Bermuda


This video showcases Bermudian style and shopping, highlighting the collaboration efforts of Bermudians in the arts. My friend and fellow traveler Lisa Niver meets with Bermudian native Rachel Sawden to learn more about these local crafts. For the People, By the People In Bermuda, where the water is more abundant than land, the ocean plays […]

Quick Guide to Loving Life in Bermuda


This is the paradise for Proper Fun, and we give a visual tour in this vivid account, showcasing some of the laughter, dancing, sports and food that make visitors smile. Bermuda sits off the coast of North Carolina, but is a British Territory with Caribbean ancestry. Join those worlds together and you have the island […]

Top 5 Bermuda Beaches


m4s0n501 The beaches of Bermuda have many different personalities. This video showcases my top 5 picks and the many ways to enjoy Bermuda’s beaches. This is proper seaside. Which Beach is Perfect for You? Veteran Bermudian cliff jumper Andrew Kirkpatrick gives us the rundown: Horseshoe Bay is the premiere beach of Bermuda. Go here to […]

Where and What to Eat in Bermuda


Bermuda has a plethora of food options, from sitting down at a lunch counter to formal dining where a jacket is required. No matter where you go you will enjoy a delicious meal! Tide to Table Along with Lisa Niver, I tried some of the locals’ favorites, like the mouthwatering fish sandwich on raisin bread […]

Best Recipes for Island Drinks


Bermuda is a place where you can suit up during the day and let your hair down in the evening. Enjoy a happy hour cocktail on Front Street then party the night away with proper drinks. Bermuda is the definition of sophisticated, proper fun. Proper Drinks = Tough Decisions In a tropical island of ease […]

Where in the World are You? Quest #55


A countdown of clues and hints about aspects of a place that will give viewers a fun geo-quiz on where they are, and showcase why they should be there. So, where in the world are you are? Click the fancy shorts at the end of the video to find out. I’d Rather Stay Here Did […]

Growing Up with Polar Bears


There was once a little house on the tundra and here two sisters were raised, with the wild things in their backyard. A Unique Childhood Instead of puppies they had polar bears and instead of TV or video games, they swam with the belugas, watched the northern lights, and chased the arctic hares. While most […]