Cyclepaths in Cuba


My father, usually a quiet man, burst through the door and hustled the family in front of the television set. He said we were on the verge of something terrible and we needed to see and understand. It was October 22, 1962. My father, a career officer at the C.I.A., seemed distressed with things he […]

Bienvenidos A Cuba!

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With the joint announcement from Cuban President Raúl Castro and U.S. President Barack Obama to restore diplomatic ties, travelers have been jumping at the opportunity to explore the island of Cuba. So were we. In this video, we share local tales and helpful tips for first-time travelers to Cuba. Tour of Cuba: Tales and Tips […]

3 Must-See Museums in Chicago


In the late 19th century, with the flowers of industry and commerce blooming, there came new prosperity in Chicago. With that came the means and desire to create halls where scientific specimens, works of art, and other objects of value were displayed. This was the wellspring for the Great Museums of Chicago: The Museums 1) […]

The Most Haunted Town in America


Why is Alton, Illinois known as the most haunted town in America? Spooks call this place home, and they have the potential of appearing at any time, to any person, at any location. Why Alton? It is said that limestone, a building material used in many Alton dwellings because of its supply nearby, holds psychic […]

The Shawnee Hills Wine Trail


Wine in Illinois? Yes, yes, yes! There are 12 outstanding wineries on the hilly, wooded Shawnee Hills Wine Trail in Southern Illinois, all stitched together on one terribly scenic roadway winding through the Shawnee National Forest. Never has so much color, taste and respite come together in one place. A Trail of Hidden Treasures Driving […]

Iceland’s Ring Road


A film by Connor Callaghan in which two adventurers set off on a 12-day camping adventure around Iceland’s Ring Road. Watch as they encounter daily challenges and breathtaking landscapes while navigating their van along the coastline in the Nordic version of Lord of the Rings: A DIY Adventure Connor Callaghan and Mara Ludmer have spent […]

8-Day Bike Trip Through Cuba


Your cycle tour begins with a visit to the city of Santa Clara, where revolutionary Che Guevara’s remains are entombed. Our first ride takes us from the north shore towns of Remedios and Caibarien heading west to Sancti Spiritus. We’ll continue to Cuba’s most colonial city Trinidad before continuing to one of our favorite cities […]

A Hike with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

With our good friends at Amber Tours we are putting together an exclusive Hike in India with the Dalai Lama for later in 2015, which will include a stay at His Holiness’s home. All profits will go to The Dalai Lama Trust. The Trust was established to support the advancement and welfare of the Tibetan people, […]

Ebola River Scout

Join us in May, 2015 for a scout of the Ebola River. During this grand adventure we’ll explore the Ebola River and determine the feasibility for a descent later in the year. Why the Ebola River? In 1976, Ebola virus (EBOV) was first identified in Yambuku, 60 miles from the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic […]

The Art of Not Doing: The Red Centre, Northern Territory, Australia

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In the eager pool of morning light there rises The Rock. It is perhaps the most iconic symbol of the implacable indifferences of inhospitable landscapes, its dimensions timeless, unsummarized. And I want to climb it. There is something in the Western mindset that arouses a near irresistible urge to climb a peak. We look up, […]