The Hills of Mars (Saudi Arabia)

Madakhil Camp, Madain Saleh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the high-sandstone cliffs of Al-Hajar there are slot canyons more spectacular than anything in the American Southwest. This is part of the UNESCO Cultural Heritage Site at Madain Saleh, featuring enormous tombs reminiscent of Petra in Jordan, which makes sense as they were connected to the […]

Ultimate Himalaya by Helicopter

I must admit, I’ve not come across a trip this unique in some time. When my long-time friend Jack Wheeler (the organizer and expedition leader) called to ask if I wanted to visit the tallest mountains in the world in a span of 9-days, I immediately thought: “This is impossible.” “Helicopters” said Jack. “Helicopters on the […]

Exclusive Invitation to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is an archaeological gem. The “Roads of Arabia” exhibit that toured the U.S. last year showcased the richness of the Nabatean, Sabaean, and Lihyanite civilizations.  Few, however, have had the opportunity to see, first hand, the wonders that lie beneath the sands of Arabia. I’d love for you to join me. Dates of Travel: March 9 […]

MTSobek Introduces: A Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

OVERVIEW Once you’ve seen Canada’s Northwestern Passage, wildlife viewing may never be the same. Nestled between the towering mountains of Baffin and Bylot Islands, our Arctic camp takes Arctic adventure to the next level. Starting and ending our voyage in the picturesque hamlet of Pond Inlet, we’ll journey some 435 miles north of the Arctic […]

Discover Suriname: The Last Paradise on Earth

{ 10 Days, 9 Nights – 20 April 2016 } No other place on the planet has a rainforest so diverse and pure. OVERVIEW This special trip will explore the little-known but stunning and extravagant Suriname that breathes adventure, surprises, and miracles around every tropical corner.  Discover the distinctive Suriname celebration of diversity, great food, […]

Adventure Excursion: Ancient Caravans of Chad

[November 3-20, 2015] Join Justin Huff, the Africa director for MTSobek, on the very first U.S.-run adventure in Chad in November 2015. Explore the lakes of Ounianga, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and marvel at epic dunes and scenic oases as your journey wends through a breathtaking landscape. OVERVIEW The Republic of Chad straddles two unique zones: the fertile […]

Explore Guatemala: Rainforests, Rivers & Mayan Sites

                                         World Rivers: Guatemala                                                                  […]

8-Day Bike Trip Through Cuba

Your cycle tour begins with a visit to the city of Santa Clara, where revolutionary Che Guevara’s remains are entombed. Our first ride takes us from the north shore towns of Remedios and Caibarien heading west to Sancti Spiritus. We’ll continue to Cuba’s most colonial city Trinidad before continuing to one of our favorite cities […]

A Hike with His Holiness the Dalai Lama

With our good friends at Amber Tours we are putting together an exclusive Hike in India with the Dalai Lama for later in 2015, which will include a stay at His Holiness’s home. All profits will go to The Dalai Lama Trust. The Trust was established to support the advancement and welfare of the Tibetan people, […]

Ebola River Scout

Join us in May, 2015 for a scout of the Ebola River. During this grand adventure we’ll explore the Ebola River and determine the feasibility for a descent later in the year. Why the Ebola River? In 1976, Ebola virus (EBOV) was first identified in Yambuku, 60 miles from the Ebola River in the Democratic Republic […]