Hong Kong

Join Richard Bangs, world-renowned adventure travel host, as he journeys to a trilogy of destinations – Hong Kong, Macau and China’s Guangdong Province – to discover the ancient and contemporary expressions of harmony, a principle fundamental to Asian cultures worldwide. Be sure to check your local PBS listing for Richard Bangs’ Adventures with Purpose: Quest for Harmony in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong, sponsored by Cathay Pacific Airway.

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Q: What is your favorite sound or noise in Pearl River Delta? Infectious laughter.

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Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon (Adventures With Purpose)

In this episode we journey through a city that blazes like a great pageant of light…a land of giants in both steel and dreams…a place that pushes the limits of the possible…and not so much predicts the future, as invents it.

Why is Hong Kong so prosperous, so energized, so vital, so cutting edge? What makes it the city of the century, the city of tomorrow? It’s not geography; there are spectacular harbors and islands—too many to count—that never spawned such a city. It’s not latitude—many lesser cities share its position on the globe. As Rudyard Kipling said, “Hong Kong beats into a hamlet” other great cities of the world. Richard’s quest this time is to discover what unique forces drive Hong Kong to virtuosity and greatness.

Hong Kong’s uninhibited energy is clear as rice wine….in its corridors of commerce…in its seething alleys of ancient apothecaries…in its earthly rhythms and promethean spirit. What cultural undercurrent runs through this miracle city? What age-old traditions galvanize the fierce devotion to work and family here? To what can we attribute their longevity, health, their unparalleled triumphs against enormous odds, and even their seemingly paradoxical success with environmental protection? Could the answer lie in a legend as old as the land itself?

Our quest takes us from the towering structures in Central and Western Hong Kong and then across the hive-like Victoria harbor to the Kowloon peninsula. He sails to the ecological preserve, the Geo-park and to Lantau Island.

Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong: Quest for Harmony (Adventures With Purpose)

Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong: three pearls in one exquisite setting. Each is distinct yet they are bound together by a cultural veneration of harmony. According to Richard, “Just as a wick needs a flame, some of us can’t live without exploring our existence, and I inevitably find myself turning to the East and the wisdom of the Ancients.” So once again, Richard is pulled back to China and the Pearl River Delta in search of the roots of the human desire for harmony.

Today we see this fundamental value represented in so many different ways. In this trilogy of spaces Richard looks at how the people of the Pearl River Delta seek harmony in this age.

In Hong Kong we’ll discover how the rounded shoulders of tradition find poise and meaning with the new and modern. In Macau we’ll explore how western sensibilities integrate with eastern aesthetics. And in Guangdong we’ll look at how some today are rediscovering ancient attitudes about integrating human workings with the natural world.