Morocco: Quest for the Kasbah (Adventures With Purpose)

Morocco is often called the land of “a thousand Kasbahs,” referring to the way-stations of ancient caravan routes traveled by tradesmen and adventurers. They brought with them customs and crafts, beliefs and skills, and they sought shelter and social interaction within secure Kasbah walls.

Throughout the centuries Morocco’s strong and enduring Kasbahs have kept silent vigil over their cultural store. “Meet me at the Kasbah,” has become an evocative invitation in today’s vernacular, but what is the modern equivalent of this ancient vault, and where is it found?

Join us in Morocco, intoxicating intersection of great civilizations, as we seek the meaning of today’s Kasbah and what it might represent for modern Morocco and the world.

In Morocco: Quest for the Kasbah, we begin our journey in Marrakesh. We dip down to the Atlantic Coast at Essaouria, travels over the Atlas Mountains, and head to the desert on the country’s far eastern border. Then we work our way north to Fès, Tangier, and Rabat, ending in the redoubtable city of Casablanca.