Richard Bangs began writing of his travels early in his career, and to date has published 19 books and hundreds of magazine articles, for which he has received many awards. Most of his books are still available from the module below.

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Riding the Dragon's BackNow available on Amazon: Riding the Dragon’s Back, the award-winning chronicle of the race to raft the Yangtze River. “This is modern river exploration at its best, and the book has inspired numerous whitewater enthusiasts over the years to emulate its adventurous spirit.” $14.95 paperback  / $4.99 Kindle edition / Other e-book formats

If you’re interested in some of out-of-print books or personally signed copies of any of his titles, please contact us telling us which book or books you’d like to purchase, and we’ll get back to you with a price. Believe us, it’s more than fair and worth twice its weight in prestige.

Book List
Adventures With Purpose
Mystery of the Nile
Quest for the Kasbah
Quest for Kaitiakitanga
Quest for the Sublime
Riding the Dragon’s Back
The Lost River
Paths Less Travelled
Adventures Without End
Islands of Fire, Islands of Spice
Whitewater Adventure
The Adventure Book
Adventure Vacations
1001 Adventures
The Camel Trophy