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Orbitz and White Nile Media have partnered to produce the Orbitz Originals series hosted by Richard Bangs. As the 1st of it’s kind for an online travel agency, this original content initiative will harness the power of online video to stimulate audiences with stunning visuals in a compact format that offers an unprecedented level of integration between inspiration and the act of booking travel at Orbitz.com.Click to learn more ...Press on the Orbitz Originals project:Adventure Travel Trade Association – “Orbitz and I LOVE NEW YORK Launch Online Video Series, “Orbitz Originals: New York State

New York Times – “Orbitz Videos Hope Lookers Become Bookers”

RB_logo_200x60If travel and exploration contribute to an understanding of human flourishing, then we hope we’ve added to the affluence with Richard Bangs Adventures.” Our first-rate media team packed up a state-of-the-art digital portmanteaux and circled the globe. Our mission was not just thrills and extremes, but seeking out people who are making a difference, in their world and ours, by expending their energy, enterprise and time in pursuit of worthwhile passions and purpose. Projects included online expeditions in climbing the North Face of the Eiger in Switzerland, visiting survivors of the tsunami in Thailand, hunting down pirate legends in Panama, taking Darryl Hanna to see the gorillas of Rwanda, a pilgrimage down the Jordan River in Israel, encountering time-travelers and controversy in Macedonia, and rediscovering a lost Eden in Bosnia-Herzegovina. To learn more visit this page about Richard Bangs Adventures.

Mungo Park logoWith the explosion of the Internet in the mid-1990s, Microsoft launched its own version of “virtual expeditions on the World Wide Web.” The software company created an online magazine devoted to adventure travel in life and literature. For two exciting and innovative years, MungoPark.com had quite a run. We covered a return descent of Ethiopia’s Takese River, complete with online interviews of Ziggy Marley and the President of Ethiopia; we went into orbit with Tom Clancy the Space Shuttle Columbia, visited Cuba with Mariel Hemingway in search of her grandfather’s Nobel, and revisited Vietnam with Robert Scheer; fled to the Islands of Love with Dr. Ruth, rode down Chile with Lyle Lovett and visited Newfoundland with Martha Stewart, among other adventures. And those were only the in-field productions. We also published original writing by such as Tom Robbins, Depak Chopra, George Plimpton, Nelson DeMille, Bill Broyles, David Rains Wallace, Redmond O’Hanlon, Barry Lopez, Tama Janowitz, Martin Cruz Smith, Jean Auel and T.C. Boyle.It was Slate when it when still blank, the New Yorker with an e-passport, the Huffington Post of its day. In a word, it was cool. And ahead of its time: we folded the big tent after only two years. To learn more, and see a video review, visit this page.

Great Escapes in PNGGreat Escapes leverages technology into the 21st century. Today, with satellite technologies and the Internet, we can stretch the wire of the imagination, and break the tyranny of distance and delay. Our hope is that we will serve travel and its inspirations in a way no other medium can achieve.”These travel projects, sponsored by state tourism boards, Ford and HP among others, included the states of Colorado and Texas, the Missouri River, and Papua New Guinea’s “Digital Village.” Visit this page to learn more about MSNBC’s Great Escapes. First and Best During 2004, MSN experimented with live online expeditions under the banner of First and Best. The first series of dispatches detailed the “heroes of Africa,” those who stayed in their home countries to help their neighbors rather than fleeing to the developed world.
In subsequent issues, we followed Ed Viesturs‘ ascent of Annapurna, sought the stars of Texas and kayaked, surfed and cycled down the coast of California. Unfortunately MSN discontinued and unpublished the series, and this rich and evocative content is no longer available on the Web.
Slate logoIn September 2002, the online magazine Slate began a monthly series of travel assignments called Well-Traveled. Daily dispatches from award-winning writers from today’s popular press were complemented by digital photo galleries and other media as appropriate. Key adventures may be visited at the following links:

TerraQuestThe TerraQuest site was seminal in the evolution of live expeditions on the Internet. For years it captured the imagination of its audience — primary and secondary school students, curious Web surfers, scientists and media geeks — as well as fans of travel and travelers themselves.From Antarctica, to Ecuador and the Galapagos, and finally up El Capitan with blind athlete Erik Weihenmayer, TerraQuest went where no one had thought to go before, and had fun doing it. Visit TerraQuest or check out this page for more information.