Adventure Matters

From The Commencement Speech to the Jackson Hole Community School, 2015 To the graduates of 2015 I only have four pieces of wisdom to impart: Adventure Matters, Embrace Failure, Follow Your Passion, and… The Rolling Stones. The first comes from watching so many of my own fellow grads set out on a path of adventure, […]

What to Do If You Don’t Climb the Rock

The Aborigines ask that we don’t climb Uluru, the iconic Rock that sits in the Red Centre of Australia. Why? Because it is a sacred place for the Aborigines. So, what do we do instead? Watch this short video to find out. The Art of Not Climbing For the adventurous types like myself, passing up […]

Top Ten Adventures in the Australian Outback

For the curious traveler, we’ve put together a video showcasing the top ten adventures in the Australian Outback. Choices Galore So many adventures to be enjoyed here: 10. Ride a camel 9. Fly in a hot air balloon. 8. Ride a Harley by The Rock. 7. Learn an Aboriginal art form. 6. Learn to to […]

The Good Guide Paradox

Rob Hall was the ultimate guide. He sacrificed his life helping his client realize a life-long dream, to stand atop the highest mountain in the world. To refresh, Rob Hall was one of two competing lead guides taking clients up Mount Everest in May 1996. The other, Scott Fischer, had originally signed up Jon Krakauer, […]

Singing with Belugas

Belugas are some of the most curious animals in the world. Their playfulness and interest in humans makes them fascinating to interact with underwater. Refined Musical Taste They say belugas are attracted to certain types of music. They’ve been known to bob heads to everything from Michael Jackson to Whitney Houston. Can you guess this […]

Churchill Wild Story

Churchill Wild designed a way to walk eye-level with polar bears, and the outfit remains the only in the world that offers this experience. The Idea that Launched a Company Churchill Wild: It’s not so much a company as an idea, an outrageously good idea. Churchill Wild pioneered a way to swim in arctic waters […]

The Grand Canyon of Africa

Peering out the window of a BushCat, out of nowhere, there is suddenly a gash in the skin of the continent. It’s the Fish River Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Africa. Fish River Canyon In the midst of geological time, a seabed was lifted miles above the level of the ocean and weathered into ranges […]

The Most Luxurious Airline in the World

Flying to Africa from North America can be a brutal two-day exercise, but I had a luxurious airline experience. If there is a transit that begs for comfort and indulgence, this is it: Etihad Airways. Etihad Airways When booking my flight, I surveyed all the choices and landed on a relatively new player, but one […]

Yodeling in the Grand Canyon of Africa

After a 12-day solo trek, I finally reach the edge of the Grand Canyon of Africa and what I think is a place of solitude. Then I hear….”Yodelayheehoo!” Three other yodelers found their way into the remote canyon. How did they get there? By BushCat. How else? BushCats Over Namibia Follow in the wing steps […]

Best Safari Guide in the World

In the Namibian bush, our way was illumined by professional wildlife guide Justin Seymour-Smith. With more than 30 years of experience and a passion for wildlife knowledge, he is a kind of artist with a torch who kindles curiosity, conservation and understanding. A native to Africa and an avid outdoorsman, Justin says for him guiding […]