Discover Namibia: Join Me on a 10-Day Excursion

The timeless country of Namibia is a land of contrasts. Home to 13 distinct cultural groups still enriched with ancient traditions, Namibia’s rich and colorful culture is a result of the fusion of German, European and South African traditions, customs and architecture. Namibia is Africa at its most authentic, beautiful and immense, and it is easy to see why it […]

Climbing Mount Elgon, Uganda: 8-day tour

Dates of Travel: November 2016 SUMMARY Hike to the summit of the most beautiful mountain in Africa you’ve never heard of! Another first for Mountain Travel Sobek: Mt Elgon in Uganda. Many who know say this is the most stunning volcano climb in the continent. Join me this November 5th on a trip to trek […]

Travel Tanzania: On Safari in Selous

(This post appeared originally on MTSobek on May 16, 2016.) by Heather Howard As I bumped along giddily at the back of the jeep, whizzing through the largest faunal reserve in the world, I realized that a bucket-list dream had been fulfilled. I’d made it to Selous. The smell of warm earth and animal hair mixed […]

“It’s Djiboutiful!”(And the Hottest New Destination)

When our rafts were bitten by crocodiles or hippos, complications presented we hadn’t imagined. We were in Ethiopia making a series of first descents down big rivers that fall off the Abyssinian Plateau: The Omo, Baro, Blue Nile, and the Awash. We called our little expedition Sobek, after the ancient Egyptian crocodile god, hoping the […]

Wild Zimbabwe: Safaris, Culture, & Conservation

Off the radar of most safaris, Zimbabwe offers an abundance of wildlife and a warm and generous culture. Having shed it’s perception of political instability, this beautiful country has been a model of conservation for the rest of Africa. Join Michaela Guzy, of, for an up close and personal adventure through wild Zimbabwe. Up […]

5 Things You Need to Know About Rhino Poaching

Join Michaela Guzy as she journeys across Africa to research why one of the oldest creatures on the planet faces extinction. Watch to learn 5 important things you need to know about the business of rhino poaching- a multi-billion dollar industry. The Plight of the Black Rhino Both the white and the black rhino are […]

Into Africa: Can BushCats Save the Beasts

“There is an elephant holocaust going on in Africa today,” says Paul Maritz, the last gentleman adventurer. “Up to this point elephant counts have been done by error-prone Mark 1 Eyeballs, and nobody believes the numbers. You really can’t motivate people to take needed drastic actions unless they are convinced you have the facts. And […]

Etosha National Park

Etosha is an enormous park enclosed with a fence that extends from the conservation policies of the past to an uncertain future. No one knows just exactly how much wildlife is in Etosha, but its more than enough to keep the eyes busy. McKiernan Said It Best In 1876, American trader G. McKiernan visited Etosha […]

Great Desert Waterfalls of Africa

A day of waterfall hopping from the unbeatable view of a BushCat: First, we visit Augrabies Falls, a waterfall on the Orange River and among the most breathtaking sights in all of Africa. Then we travel by BushCat to the smaller, but equally stunning, Epupa Falls. Click the video to join us on this journey. […]

The Grand Canyon of Africa

Peering out the window of a BushCat, out of nowhere, there is suddenly a gash in the skin of the continent. It’s the Fish River Canyon, the Grand Canyon of Africa. Fish River Canyon In the midst of geological time, a seabed was lifted miles above the level of the ocean and weathered into ranges […]