How to Indulge in the Many Personalities of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a portmanteaux of geographic personalities, an overstuffed valise of seductive charismas and tropic endowments. If geography is destiny, then Puerto Rico atones for the ill-tempers of other parts of the world, and instead is blessed with an island-wide jocund, incited, in part, by its natural features…its mountains, forests, beaches, rivers, lakes, cliffs, […]

Puerto Rico’s East Region: Porta Antillas

There are so many wonderful characteristics to the East of Puerto Rico, but one is certainly its friendliness to families. Families here find a freshness and candor in their clan. They strengthen bonds, like the ever-thickening vines of El Yunque. They welcome novelty, and sate curiosities. They find a fluency of fun; a symphony of […]

Puerto Rico’s West Region: Porta del Sol

We interview Tomas Ramirez, owner of Combate Beach Hotel, a former pharmaceutical executive who fell in love with the West and bought this boutique hotel on the beach. He speaks to the laid-back, chill nature of the region. The Island’s Relaxed and Laid-Back Side To stand at the edge of the sea; to sense the […]

The Perfect Margarita

A combination of beautiful beaches, the best tequila, and the freshest ingredients make Cancun the ideal place for sipping margaritas. Fabian Barba, the barkeep at the Le Blanc Spa and Resort, shares his secret on how to make the perfect margarita. Essential Ingredients for Perfection He outlines his choice of ingredients: triple sec, lime juice, […]