Richard’s Picks: Best Hotels in the World, Spring 2016

In the early days of, our business strategy was based on the agency model; taking a small commission on every hotel booking. Problem was, it usually cost more to process a booking than the commission brought in, so what we lost in margin we made up for in volume. Then a brilliant colleague proposed […]

The Most Luxurious Castle in the World

There are so many castles and so many luxury accommodations around the globe, but there is only one Ashford Castle – the most luxurious castle in the world. Ashford Castle With a history as old as 1228, Ashford Castle is an enchanted hotel of dreams. The castle, situated on 350 acres along the shores of […]

Top 5 Unexpected Hotel Experiences

Join Michaela Guzy, founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet, as she explores the top 5 unexpected hotel experiences offered by luxury hotels across the world. Michaela’s Top 5 1. Learn to fight Muay Thai at The Peninsula in Bangkok. 2. Go horseback riding with kangaroos at Wolgan Valley in Australia. 3. Eat a traditional Bhutanese meal compliments of […]