Why I Love The Art Of Seattle: Joe Roberts

Art is as ephemeral as a plume of Seattle virga, but if there is one person who has caught the rainbow, framed it and put it on the wall, it is Joe Roberts. I’ve known Joe for a quarter century. He was born and raised in Seattle, and is today a judge, a collector, a […]

Melbourne’s Local Street Food Scene

Follow Michaela Guzy in Melbourne, Australia as she meets with local chefs, restauranteurs, bars, a published food and coffee-obsessed author, and a trout and an urban farmer for their favorite hidden spots in the city. Melbourne’s Hidden Street Eats Melbourne’s local street food scene is vibrant and booming thanks to these hidden and not-so-hidden places: […]

Shop Like a Local in Bermuda

This video showcases Bermudian style and shopping, highlighting the collaboration efforts of Bermudians in the arts. My friend and fellow traveler Lisa Niver meets with Bermudian native Rachel Sawden to learn more about these local crafts. For the People, By the People In Bermuda, where the water is more abundant than land, the ocean plays […]

Where and What to Eat in Bermuda

Bermuda has a plethora of food options, from sitting down at a lunch counter to formal dining where a jacket is required. No matter where you go you will enjoy a delicious meal! Tide to Table Along with Lisa Niver, I tried some of the locals’ favorites, like the mouthwatering fish sandwich on raisin bread […]