Best Hotels in the World: Spring 2017

“Fly and flop; heads in beds.” Those the early memes of Expedia. When the OTA (online travel agency) first launched in 1996, we considered hotel beds commodities, interchangeable experiences, mattress widgets sold in electronic bits and bytes, but without the burden and costs of storage or shipping (good luck, Amazon). We bought hotel room futures […]

Richard’s Pick: Best Airline in the World, 2016

Today, of course, airlines everywhere are scaling back, devising ever more ways to cut, condense, or charge customers for every amenity once considered standard. So, it is with delight I can report that one airline has gone the other direction, and is pushing the envelope of luxury, comfort and service in the sky, while at […]

Richard’s Picks: Best Hotels in the World, Fall 2016

The wisdom of the crowd is a beautiful thing, except when it’s not. When it comes to matters of taste, the pack tends to push quality assessments to a lower common denominator. That can be good when the bar is a best-surprise-is-no-surprise epistemology, but if you seek quality of a different metric…say, personality, artistic rendition, […]

The Best Luxury Suites in Las Vegas

It is impossible to overdo luxury, except here. I’m going to show you the 5 most sumptuous suites in Las Vegas–havens of luxury, palaces of indulgence, pillows of bliss. These suites dazzle the senses and cast out the stress. Have a look with this video: The 5 Most Sumptuous Suites in Las Vegas 1)The ARIA […]

The Most Luxurious Castle in the World

There are so many castles and so many luxury accommodations around the globe, but there is only one Ashford Castle – the most luxurious castle in the world. Ashford Castle With a history as old as 1228, Ashford Castle is an enchanted hotel of dreams. The castle, situated on 350 acres along the shores of […]

Top 5 Unexpected Hotel Experiences

Join Michaela Guzy, founder of OhThePeopleYouMeet, as she explores the top 5 unexpected hotel experiences offered by luxury hotels across the world. Michaela’s Top 5 1. Learn to fight Muay Thai at The Peninsula in Bangkok. 2. Go horseback riding with kangaroos at Wolgan Valley in Australia. 3. Eat a traditional Bhutanese meal compliments of […]

Luxury Hotels Bermuda – The Gold List

Bermuda has some of the most luxurious hotels in the world and this video showcases a few that we visited, all of them Gold List caliber. Rest Your Head Here Here is the symphony of elegance and refinement. The epitome of warmth and welcome. Along with my friend Lisa Niver, I had the pleasure of […]

Quick Guide to Loving Life in Bermuda

This is the paradise for Proper Fun, and we give a visual tour in this vivid account, showcasing some of the laughter, dancing, sports and food that make visitors smile. Bermuda sits off the coast of North Carolina, but is a British Territory with Caribbean ancestry. Join those worlds together and you have the island […]

What Is the Most Luxurious Airline in the Sky? You Will Be Surprised

Flying to Africa from North America can be a brutal two-day exercise. If there is a transit that begs for comfort and indulgence, this is it. My friend, Didrik Johnck, and I accepted an offer to film a project in Namibia and South Africa using a new experimental aircraft, called a BushCat, in pioneering conservation […]

Best Luxury Accommodations in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has an easy sophistication about it, a tropic elegance that is reflected in its fine dining, its exceptional shopping, and in its many luxury resorts, sucn as Condado Vanderbilt in Condado, San Juan; Dorado Beach a Ritz Carlton Reserve — in Dorado, just west of San Juan; Hotel El Convento — a restored […]