Ecotourism: Naked in the wrong room?

Having attended and spoken at a number of ecotourism conferences in the last couple of years, and listened to endless reams of dire data, I believe as the concepts of ecotourism have evolved they have become more and more analytical. More data driven; more about cost benefits analyses, about benchmarking; about quantifying guilt … And the real motivation for ecotourism is in a room full of magic.

Lifting the veil on verboten vacation spots

Perhaps you’ve seen television images of regions plagued by war and political unrest. Maybe you recall decades-old stories of locals attacking or shaking down tourists. Sure, the world can be a dangerous place, but things change. Here’s a look at 10 places you thought you shouldn’t visit, but should.

Bosnia: a model for the planet

The Bosnia we know from images of the war — the bombed and bullet-ridden buildings, the scars from the 1,200-day siege of Sarajevo — has kept from view a Bosnia we don’t know, a place where Nature has been big-hearted with its gifts.