How to Indulge in the Many Personalities of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a portmanteaux of geographic personalities, an overstuffed valise of seductive charismas and tropic endowments. If geography is destiny, then Puerto Rico atones for the ill-tempers of other parts of the world, and instead is blessed with an island-wide jocund, incited, in part, by its natural features…its mountains, forests, beaches, rivers, lakes, cliffs, […]

Puerto Rico’s Central Region / Porta Cordillera

The Cordillera Central is a land of innocence, of new beginnings, of fertility, of pure, clean water and abundance. This is a place unfit for civilization, but the fruit of the tree of adventure is plucked here. From its lodges, to its caves, it ziplines to its trails, adventure is the vitalizing element here. Adventure […]

Puerto Rico’s East Region: Porta Antillas

There are so many wonderful characteristics to the East of Puerto Rico, but one is certainly its friendliness to families. Families here find a freshness and candor in their clan. They strengthen bonds, like the ever-thickening vines of El Yunque. They welcome novelty, and sate curiosities. They find a fluency of fun; a symphony of […]

Puerto Rico’s South Region / Porta Caribe

Ponce, Puerto Rico’s second-largest city, was founded in the late 17th century. The city experienced a commercial boom in the 19th, then declined so quickly that no one had time to tear anything down. The center of town is crowded with wedding-cake colonial mansions, arrayed in a procession of balconies, balustrades, and bas-relief. The Island’s […]

Puerto Rico’s West Region: Porta del Sol

We interview Tomas Ramirez, owner of Combate Beach Hotel, a former pharmaceutical executive who fell in love with the West and bought this boutique hotel on the beach. He speaks to the laid-back, chill nature of the region. The Island’s Relaxed and Laid-Back Side To stand at the edge of the sea; to sense the […]

Puerto Rico’s North Region: Porta Atlantico

There is an elegance of sufficiency and style in the activities here in the North. From riding the equestrian trials to golfing the world-class fairways; the sophisticated dining, to the thrills of spelunking. There is a harmony of the land and sea here, the karst that looks sculptured; the links that are, and the cliffs […]

Puerto Rico: The Real Fountain of Youth?

When Christopher Columbus made landfall in Puerto Rico during his second trans-Atlantic voyage, in 1493, a young Spanish nobleman, Ponce de León, some scholars believe, was on board. Rumors of hefty quantities of gold brought Ponce de Leon back, in 1508, where he found an islet with an excellent harbor he named Puerto Rico, or […]

Puerto Rico Adventures

Puerto Rico does not suffer from a shortage of adventure. On the contrary, it overflows with options for the action junkie: from splitting the wind at the highest and second-longest zip-line on earth at Toro Verde Nature Adventure; to hiking the Cordillera Central; to many amazing watersports (surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing); to […]

The Best Scuba Diving on the Planet?

It’s in Puerto Rico! At the Copamarina Resort on the South Side of Puerto Rico you can dive The Wall, a cliff of coral some 22-miles-long dropping down to a depth of over 1,500 feet. It is among the best dives in the world, featuring brain coral, caves, green moray eels, angel fish, porcupine fish, […]

LGBT – Secrets of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a kind of crossroads of the Caribbean. It’s forts, castles, walls and batteries were originally designed to protect the island from invaders, but when the residents felt secure, it became a way station for seafarers bringing new ideas, art, lifestyles and food. It was a place to share experiences, and embrace diversity. […]