Seattle and Syria: New Restaurant, Old Roots

My friends Wassef and Racha Haroun are both from Syria, though they now live in Seattle. They were inspired to do something to breakdown stereotypes about their origin region; something that might build an accessible bridge between the different cultures, religions and geographies. And, so they opened restaurants, most recently mbar, a Seattle rooftop supper […]

When Is a Restaurant More Than Just a Restaurant?

My friends Wassef and Racha Haroun are both from Syria, with roots throughout the Middle East, though they have lived in the US for over two decades. They feel they are “hybrids,” a fairly uncommon group of people who has a deep understanding of and gratitude for both Levantine and Western cultures. Both left the […]

Seattle: Raising the Mbar

Seattle is the city of the century–at once kinetic, pioneering, progressive, and original. The latest, greatest bloom in the City of Flowers is the highly acclaimed supper club in the sky, Mbar. This is THE place to view all of Seattle, in the warmest ambience, the most exciting seats, and over a breathtaking meal and […]

Dining Around the World (and a $5,000 Burger)!

Do you delight in fine cuisine from far-away places? Well, you can always travel to Europe or Asia or the Middle East, and fight off the jet lag as you dig into a local meal. Or, you can come here. There is no place on the planet that offers up so much exceptional food, created […]

Cancun’s Best Food

Cancun is famous for its food and amazing restaurants. Skip Senor Frogs and Hard Rock and head straight to one of these 5 places where you’ll find the heart of the Cancun culinary vibe and some incredible treats. Five Restaurants We Heartily Recommend 1) Capitan Dulche, on Isla Mujeres, a beach club in the shadow […]

Travel Tip #15 – Finding a Great Restaurant Anywhere

I arrived in Santiago, famished. I checked in, and decided to find a place to eat. I saw a sign that said “Ñachi,” which sounded interesting, perhaps a Chilean variation on nachos. But when the dish was served I discovered it was hot, fresh blood from a goat slaughtered in the back. After one bite, […]