The Best Luxury Suites in Las Vegas

It is impossible to overdo luxury, except here. I’m going to show you the 5 most sumptuous suites in Las Vegas–havens of luxury, palaces of indulgence, pillows of bliss. These suites dazzle the senses and cast out the stress. Have a look with this video: The 5 Most Sumptuous Suites in Las Vegas 1)The ARIA […]

Craziest Nightlife in the World: Las Vegas

When it comes to night time entertainment, there’s simply no argument: Vegas is king. The nightlife capital of the world knows how to put on the craziest shows, and the best clubs compete to fill coveted spots with top talent and high-profile artists in every one of their events. In Vegas, expect to see something […]

The Most Awesome Entertainment in Las Vegas

No pleasure is so lasting, so conducive to joy, than great entertainment, and this is the town to ride that torrent of jaw-dropping delights. When it comes to Entertainment, nothing beats Las Vegas. The variety and scope nourish every soul, widen every eye, tap every foot, and stretch smiles on every face, and provoke every […]

Dining Around the World (and a $5,000 Burger)!

Do you delight in fine cuisine from far-away places? Well, you can always travel to Europe or Asia or the Middle East, and fight off the jet lag as you dig into a local meal. Or, you can come here. There is no place on the planet that offers up so much exceptional food, created […]

Here Be Dragons: The “Sacred Terror” of the Alps of Switzerland

“Placed on this planet since yesterday, and only for a day, we can only hope to glimpse the knowledge that we will probably never attain.”  -Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, 1796 Dateline: Mount Pilates, Switzerland I’ve penned a few books that have been placed in the category of “wilderness travel.” But perhaps the first to stock this […]

“It’s Djiboutiful!”(And the Hottest New Destination)

When our rafts were bitten by crocodiles or hippos, complications presented we hadn’t imagined. We were in Ethiopia making a series of first descents down big rivers that fall off the Abyssinian Plateau: The Omo, Baro, Blue Nile, and the Awash. We called our little expedition Sobek, after the ancient Egyptian crocodile god, hoping the […]

MTSobek Introduces: A Narwhal & Polar Bear Safari

OVERVIEW Once you’ve seen Canada’s Northwestern Passage, wildlife viewing may never be the same. Nestled between the towering mountains of Baffin and Bylot Islands, our Arctic camp takes Arctic adventure to the next level. Starting and ending our voyage in the picturesque hamlet of Pond Inlet, we’ll journey some 435 miles north of the Arctic […]

Why I’m Going to Burma (Myanmar)

When word got out I was thinking of taking a group to Burma this November, I received this email: Dear Mr. Bangs: I strongly advise you to drop travel to Burma. The treatment of the Rohingy minority is so appalling that I feel that no one should be visiting that country… This is not the […]

Richard Bangs Channel Hits 1 Million on YouTube

In the sizzling midst of the Sargasso Sea doldrums of August, we have some cool news to share. The Richard Bangs Channel on YouTube achieved a noteworthy milestone this week, passing the one million views mark, making it one of the top sites for original travel video content in the world. Produced by Emmy-winning White […]

Top Five Game of Thrones Locations (Northern Ireland)

Northern Ireland is home of the Game of Thrones studio (in Belfast) for all the interior sets and many exterior locations of the popular TV series. The Locations (in no particular order) 1) Carrick-a-rede and Larrybane (Viewpoint) Larrybane, meaning ‘the ancient white site’, is classic Storms End – with panoramic views of the limestone cliffs […]