Coolest Academy Award Best Picture Locations You Can Actually Visit

Every year, as millions watch, a little gold man is handed to the producers of what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences members have voted as the Best Picture of the Year — the highest prize in popular culture. But these Oscar-winning films are also judged by another academy. When the travel-obsessed go […]

Want to Unplug? Here are 6 Places You Should Go

What would Rousseau have made of the modern-day balls and chains with which we Westerners now shackle ourselves? They are not made of steel or iron, but of silicon and plastic and digits and electrons and waves zooming through the air. These are the chains of all kinds of devices: laptops, tablets, smartphones, even smart […]

Six Best Wildlife Sightings in Antarctica

The book of ice that is Antarctica unfolds the driest, coldest, windiest, and least-explored pages of our planet. Its lack of sunlight in the austral winter, its overabundance of sunlight in the summer, and its largely inhospitable conditions throughout the year are what also make the polar continent so ferociously alluring — and the creatures […]

The 6 Most Romantic River Cruises in Europe

In my many years of exploratory travel, chasing adventures around the globe, there’s been one place I’ve felt more alive than any other: on the river. While I’ve been known to pursue pulse-quickening whitewater rapids, I’ve also enjoyed the quieter times purling down peaceful rivers. These experiences on the water seem to reawaken us to […]

Exclusive Offer: Explore Antarctica with ETA

Vintage Antarctica Expedition December 1-12, 2019 It is apparent that Antarctica has great appeal to many of our members as a pristine natural environment they would like to see at least once and share with family and friends. Because of this and because this trip is “A Trip Of A Lifetime” and a perfect gift […]

Which Olympic Sports Were Not Invented in Norway?

Norway is a Winter Olympics superpower. With a population of only 5 million (roughly the same as Alabama) this tiny Scandinavian country has earned 329 medals (118 of them gold), considerably more than any other country. And, perhaps, it’s not surprising. In a nation with an ideal alpine training ground and a culture that prioritizes […]

A Special Departure to Lebanon: September 2018

Explore Lebanon w/ Kirby McDonald & Richard Bangs September 14-24, 2018 BOOKING DETAILS Contact Julie McCormack at: for booking enquiries. ITINERARY Day 1 ~ Arrival in Beirut Upon arrival at airport, you will be met and transferred to your hotel in Beirut. Welcome dinner in Beirut D: Hotel in Beirut Day 2 ~ Beirut After breakfast, spend […]

The 6 Most Romantic Places in Norway

With a galaxy of glaciers, raw and rugged coastlines, lush mountain slopes and winding, iconic fjords, Norway’s natural beauty captures hearts around the world. Here, romance is woven into the tapestry of the landscape—it is felt in the awe of the Northern Lights and the warmth of the Midnight Sun; it can be found in […]

Richard’s 10 Greatest Adventures for 2018

I’ve been reconnoitering the backs of beyond since the exordium of modern adventure travel, and have reported about quite a few. So, I combed through the dangerous catalogue and picked out what I think will be the best adventures for 2018 (and personally tested them all). 1) The Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu The […]

The Chaos and Richness of India: On Assignment with USAID

by Al Hirshen It is a testament to the unique visual and emotional richness of India that twenty-nine years after working there, everything is still vivid in my mind. The sheer number of people and the extreme poverty magnify each experience. Every type of person is found in India. They cover the full-color range from […]