Richard Bangs’ Quests

rb-quests-logoRichard Bangs’ Quests is a transmedia suite of authoritative, ultra-high quality celebratory content ranging from Emmy-winning television specials, full-length films, and laser-targeted web videos that are quick to market, global in reach, evergreen in treatment and tied to fulfillment houses so that there is a seamless path from inspiration to transaction. The various media are optimized for multiple formats, from broadcast to mobile to apps to social, and designed to message in a compelling story-telling format that incites deep engagement and irresistible enticements. Partners have ranged from Orbitz to Adidas to Travelsmith to Casio to Ford to Volvo to major airlines and tourist boards and on.

We invite you to join us on a great and game-changing media celebration.

Enjoy the trailer from our recent broadcast special, South America: Quest for Wonder

EPISODE: Richard Bangs: South America—Quest for Wonder.

If Wonder has its roots in childhood, in an uninhibited response to the beauty and mystery of the new, then what happens when we grow up? What stirs us as adults?

Join Richard as he traces the contours of wonder on a journey across South America. From the magnificent displays of grand nature; to the riddles that ripple through time; to the mystic power of ancient beauty; to the marvels of diversity at play on a living canvas, the Quest radiates to four of the greatest wonders on the planet, Iguaçu Falls in Brazil and Argentina; Easter Island in Chile; the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru; and the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.